About The Artist

My name is David Andre Hrobowski and I was born on March 7, 1954 to Mary Louise & Robert Hrobowski. I am the oldest of five and attended both elementary & high school in St. Louis, Mo.

In 1972 I received a music scholarship from Florida A&M University where I was a member of the prestigous "Marching 100" band under the direction of William P. Foster. Although I remained in the band for two years, I changed my major from music to pharmacy after two quarters.

I worked on the year book as a student photographer, pledged the Kappa Psi Fraternity and was elected president of the Student Florida Pharmaceutical Association. Upon completetion of the pharmacy program and the required internship in 1978, I took the Florida State Pharmacy Board Exam and went on to work in both hospital and retail pharmacies.

In 1980 I began to collect antiques with a special interest in vintage cufflinks. I said goodbye to pharmacy in 1983, moved to California and became a picker where I learned the ins & outs of buying and selling at flea markets and antique shows. In 1985, I opened a shop in an Antique Mall in Pasadena which I operated for ten years.

I had my first interior design job in 1990: a 10,000 sq ft house in Bel-Aire belonging to the secretary of the Prime Minister of Japan and in 1991, I was asked to decorate the reception hall at Marla Gibbs theater for the screening of the Josephine Baker Story starring Miss Lynn Whitfield.

In 1998, I help design and introduced the first web site of vintage cufflinks on the internet under the name: CUFFLINKKING or CLK.

In 2002, I was hired to remove and sell what could be salvaged from the old Jane Mansfield house and also the old Ester Williams house.

I am currently a dealer of antique & decorative accessories, working one a day a week in a high end mid-century showroom in Los Angeles and one day a week as a health care provider. I have a permanent space at the Rose Bowl Flea Market where I have been selling my wares for 30 years. I also sell vintage cufflinks on eBay and most recently I've been making functional furniture out of popsicle sticks.


All About The Sticks & Glue

My work is an popsicle stick riff of expressive compulsive order.

Around nine years of age, while sick at home, a neighbor came over with a box of craft sticks and Elmer's glue; her name was Doris Minter and she suggested that maybe I could make something out of them. I remember being very excited and made a lamp with matching shade. Everyone liked my lamp and somehow I ended up on one of the local TV shows where I was interviewed and the network either said or showed my number because I recieved 3 or 4 orders.

Fast forward 40+ years, while in downtown LA visiting a friend who drug me into a store called Moskatels (a massive floral & craft store) I noticed at the end of one of the isles boxes & boxes of craft sticks. I had a nastalgic moment and bought three boxes of sticks and a large white glue and set out to recreate the lamp I remembered as child but a more elaborate lamp was to be. This time the lamp & shade were larger and more intricate. This lamp lead to another identicle one which inspired a console table which demanded a mirror to complete the set. For several months I obsessed over the project, forsaking all but the bare neccessities.

In 2007 another friend of mine allowed me to display my work in one of his shop windows for a month and from this I was directed to the MorYork Gallery. The owners, Clare and Bob, ask me if I would be interested in having a solo exhibit in March of 2010 of which I said yes. My first exhibit was very successful and I received excellent press from the Los Angeles Times, Smithsonian Magazine, the Baltimore Sun and several blogs & tweets. It appears that I am the first to take popsicle stick art or as I have named my work "Riffstick Art Furniture" to this level and I believe the possibilities are endless.


A SPECIAL THANKS to the following generous & supportive people

Claire Graham, Bob Breen, Bradley Tuck, Ann Johanson, Jenn Garbee, Kevin Beers, Carla Thomas, Cynthia Rowland, Steven Tassopoulos, Christina Couch, Lois Lambert, Marsha Webster, Craig Nakano, Rene Lynch, Lisa Bramen, Christa Terry, Elliott Salter, Tony Haney, Mark Dierickx, Victor Hernandez, Avi Donitza, and all the bloggers & tweeters that have shared my art work with friends and family.


RIFFSTICK* a repeating idea or pattern of glued popsicle sticks and its variations

Some of my future projects include: A fireplace mantle, a bed, a couch, a chandelier and a grandfather's clock. As an after thought, it would be very cool to replace every piece of furniture in my home with Riffstick Art Furniture!

Thank you for your time and interest.







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